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As the leading global trade association for the cleared derivatives industry, FIA and its members work together to support open, transparent and competitive markets.


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About FIA Membership

FIA represents a wide array of derivatives market participants from around the world. Our members include client clearing firms, exchanges and clearinghouses, executing brokers, software vendors, legal firms, consultants, and proprietary trading firms. Our membership is global and corporate, and our work supports the cleared derivatives industry as a whole.

All employees within a member firm may access the member benefits we provide. Membership renews annually.

FIA primary members are client clearing firms holding customer funds. Associate members comprise all other firms in the cleared derivatives ecosystem.

For more information, please refer to a complete list of FIA membership documents or learn more about how to join FIA.


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FIA Member Profiles

  • FIA New Member Profile – Pakistan Mercantile Exchange

    Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX) is the country’s first demutualized commodity futures exchange, licensed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

  • FIA New Member Profile - Sernova Financial

    Sernova Financial is a provider of cloud-based post-trade services with a focus on derivatives clearing, collateral and integrated risk management. Its single platform supports the full front-to-back management of ETD, OTC derivatives, repo, sponsored repo and collateral, enabling clients to benefit from a seamless transition to a clearing member.

  • FIA New Member Profile – Clear Street

    Founded in 2018 in New York, Clear Street is a diversified financial services firm and FINRA-registered broker-dealer offering clearing, custody, execution, and financing for US equities and options and clearing, custody, and financing for fixed-income securities.

  • FIA New Member Profile - AsiaNext

    AsiaNext is an institution-only digital asset trading venue established in 2021 that offers listing, trading, clearing, settlement and custody. Headquartered in Singapore, it is a joint venture between Japan’s SBI Digital Asset Holdings and SIX Group in Switzerland.

  • FIA New Member Profile - Tölt Strategies LLC

    Tölt Strategies is an advisory and consulting firm established in 2023 by Dorothy D. DeWitt, a former Director of the Division of Market Oversight at the CFTC. The firm offers expert and independent advisory services to companies in traditional and emerging sectors.

  • FIA New Member Profile - Roscommon Analytics 

    Roscommon Analytics is an investment management company that uses advanced data analytics and expert trading teams to generate profits in the energy commodity markets. The US-headquartered firm operates across global energy markets, including the US power and gas markets, the European gas, power and emissions markets, and the Australian power markets, to identify and capitalize on opportunities.