Member Forums

FIA’s member-based committees and working groups provide forums for partnership within the industry to respond to regulatory developments, create solutions to operational issues and address major trends. These committees and working groups, along with other ad hoc briefings, meetings and roundtables, help shape FIA’s agenda for serving its members and the wider industry.

Additionally, in the United States, FIA has two divisions: Law & Compliance and Operations Americas, which provide individual membership opportunities for staff in certain job functions at FIA’s member firms. These divisions organize and manage dedicated committees and working groups that focus on issues of interest to each Division’s unique membership.

Core areas of activity for FIA’s member forums include: capital, CCP risk, commodities, compliance, government relations, legal, operations, proprietary trading, regulatory, strategic issues and technology.

The make-up of each forum is determined on an issue-specific basis. Each may have participation criteria such as member type, background or job function in order to fulfill its goals.

The filterable list below includes all currently active committees, working groups and distribution lists. Use the filters or search for a forum based on a keyword.

Note: This list does not include FIA’s Board of Directors or its Regional Advisory Boards. In addition, it does not include the committees and working groups managed by FIA’s principal trading affiliates FIA EPTA and FIA PTG.