FIA EPTA elects Mark Spanbroek as new chairman

25 June 2018

The FIA European Principal Traders Association has elected Mark Spanbroek as its new chairman.

The election was prompted by the decision of current chairman Remco Lenterman to step down from office. Mr Lenterman was instrumental in establishing FIA EPTA in 2011 and was chairman from 2011-2015 and 2016-2018. He will remain an advisory member of the FIA EPTA Executive Committee for the next 12 months.

His successor, Mark Spanbroek, is a co-founder of FIA EPTA and steps up from his role as vice-chairman.

Mr Spanbroek said: “I’m delighted to be the new chairman of FIA EPTA and would like to thank the members for entrusting me to lead the organisation at such a pivotal time.

“I also want to pay tribute to Remco for his tremendous contribution to FIA EPTA – both in founding the association and give principal traders a voice in the debate about the structure and development of the European financial markets.

“Principal trading firms play a valuable role in the global financial ecosystem – our members contribute important liquidity and help drive price discovery. Their market-making activities help investors and businesses have greater access to capital, promoting economic growth.

“We already work closely with regulators and policy-makers to help keep the markets open and fair and I look forward to continuing these efforts for the good of our members, the financial market community and the European economy.”

Piebe Teeboom, Secretary-General of FIA EPTA, said: “The regulatory environment for investment firms, and market-makers in particular, is going through a critical period as policy-makers and regulators look closely at the prudential rules for the sector. As vice-chairman, Mark has been a leading advocate for our members and I look forward to his continued leadership as chairman.”

Notes to Editors

About Mark Spanbroek (image available on request)

Mark helped launch FIA EPTA in June 2011 and has served as vice chairman and been a member of the Executive Committee. From June 2012 till March 2014 he also served as the Secretary General of FIA EPTA.

Mark retired from his day to day activities at Getco in 2011 after serving for nine years at Getco Europe Ltd. and Getco LLC as a partner.

Mark currently chairs the Supervisory Board of Transtrend BV and he is a non-executive member of the Board of Aquis Exchange PLC.


FIA EPTA is comprised of 28 principal trading firms (PTFs) who trade their own capital in a wide range of financial instruments traded on trading venues across Europe. PTFs play a key role in the modern financial ecosystem, bridging gaps in supply and demand between market participants and facilitating price discovery, especially at times when markets are volatile.

Collectively, FIA EPTA members are an important source of liquidity for trading venues and end-investors, allowing those who use the capital markets (whether to invest or to manage their business risks), to buy or sell financial instruments efficiently and at low cost. FIA EPTA’s mission is to support transparent, robust and safe markets with a level playing field for all market participants.

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