Sustainable Finance and ESG

  • FIA EPTA survey: Half of European market makers provide liquidity in ESG products

    FIA EPTA, which represents Europe’s leading independent market making firms, conducted the survey in February, with 19 of its 24 member firms across Europe (EU and UK) participating.

  • FIA EPTA response to the FCA Consultation Paper on Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR) and investment labels

    FIA EPTA welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Consultation Paper on on Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR) and investment labels. FIA EPTA members agree with the proposed scope of firms, products and distributors, and want to highlight the importance of transparency in the trust in the transition.

  • FIA EPTA response to the Call for Evidence of the UK Government’s approach to delivering its net zero target: The Net Zero Review

    FIA EPTA members welcome the actions and responsibilities taken by the UK Government during COP26 in Glasgow and the work toward the common goals of reaching climate neutrality in 2050. FIA EPTA is committed to supporting policymakers and regulators in ensuring the success of the sustainable finance project at all levels of the capital market ecosystem. With a balanced approach, FIA EPTA members believe it will benefit the long-term stability and attractiveness of the UK capital markets. 

  • Enabling the Transition; FIA EPTA member’s commitment to supporting the transition toward sustainable capital markets

    Today, FIA EPTA published a paper on the importance of Secondary Markets for the transition towards sustainable capital markets. 

    FIA EPTA believes the key to a successful green transition are the secondary markets because they enable asset holders to buy or sell ESG products on behalf of end-investors, insurance holders, or pension participants. Market makers provide liquidity and choice to investment managers to adjust their portfolios, pursue their trading & investment strategies and manage their risk, at low cost and with ease globally.