Digital Assets

  • FIA EPTA Response to IOSCOs Decentralised Finance (DeFi) paper

    In the paper, IOSCO lays out a general overview of the DeFi space, and some of the challenges and risks regulators see. FIA EPTA and its members are becoming part of the DeFi space and are pleased to see the growing interest from policymakers and regulators. One of the key challenges that the IOSCO paper tried to tackle is defining what DeFi is, this is also an issue faced by market participants as there is no general view on DeFi yet.

  • FIA EPTA response to the ESMA CfE on the DLT pilot regime

    FIA EPTA welcomes the opportunity to respond to the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) Call for Evidence on the DLT Pilot Regime. FIA EPTA believes it is an important step by ESMA to review the DLT space as it will grow in use and importance. Over the past years, FIA ETPA Members have become increasingly active in the Digital Assets space and several members have become liquidity providers in this new and developing market.