FIA EPTA Membership

In serving as the voice of European principal traders, the Association:

  • Actively monitors regulatory and legislative developments, giving members access to high-quality and up-to-date regulatory intelligence
  • Voices industry opinions and provides constructive input to all relevant legislators and regulators, whether in Brussels, at the European Supervisory Authorities, or in national jurisdictions
  • Actively engages with other market stakeholders, including trade bodies, key market participants (such as sell side, buy side, market operators, vendors) and the financial and business media
  • Promotes the standing of member firms from across Europe to create a better understanding of trading practices and the added value principal traders have for overall market quality
  • Operates in Europe with independent governance under the FIA umbrella

We believe a joint approach by principal traders increases the impact of advocacy in a dynamic regulatory landscape.

FIA EPTA encourages the involvement from our members to create an active network and community. Members underwrite the principles of FIA EPTA, which stipulate the common outlook and high-level objectives and commitments of its members.

The support of these principles allows FIA EPTA to operate effectively through working groups and committees in order to reach a consensus. These include:

For more information about the benefits of joining EPTA please download our Membership Guide.


FIA EPTA members as of 2023:

All Options International B.V.
Citadel Securities Europe Ltd
DRW Investments (UK) Ltd
DV Trading, LLC
Flow Traders B.V.
Hudson River Trading Europe Ltd
IMC Trading B.V.
Jane Street Financial Ltd
Mako Global Derivatives Partnership LLP
Maven Europe Ltd
Optiver VOF
OSTC Limited
Panthera Investment GmbH
RSJ Securities a.s.
SSW Trading GmbH
Susquehanna International Group Limited
Tower Research Capital Europe Limited
Tibra Trading Europe Limited
Two Sigma Securities Ltd
Virtu Financial LLC
Webb Traders B.V.
XR Trading EU B.V.

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