Market Structure

  • New paper identifies unreported segment of liquidity in European equity markets

    A new paper published by FIA European Principal Traders Association identifies an entire segment of equity activity in both EU and UK markets that is currently unreported. Consequently, European share trading volumes are perceived by the market, including global investors and issuers, as being significantly lower than they actually are.

  • FIA EPTA response to the FCA Consultation on Improving transparency for bond and derivatives markets (FCA CP 23/32)

    FIA EPTA welcomes the FCA’s proposals on improving bonds and derivatives transparency. Our members are very supportive of both the ambition and simplicity shown regarding both pre-trade and post-trade transparency. A less complex regime will be easier for firms and trading venues to comply with and administer and above all will make UK capital markets more attractive. The inclusion of sovereign bonds in this ambitious framework is a particularly innovative step and will support the growth and competitiveness of UK capital markets with tangible benefits to the real economy.

  • FIA EPTA Public Comment on IOSCO’s Consultation Report on Market Outages

    FIA EPTA members welcome the opportunity to respond to IOSCO’s consultation on market outages and are supportive of the work being done on this topic, particularly efforts to require trading venues to publish clear comprehensive outages plans on an ex-ante basis. Market resilience is at the core of efficient and competitive financial markets and it is imperative that trading venues clearly outline a well-planned approach to communication and management in the event of a market outage to provide certainty to market participants.

  • FIA EPTA Response to ESMA’s Consultation Paper on Technical Advice on the CSDR Penalty Mechanism

    FIA EPTA members are supportive of effective measures to improve settlement discipline and efficiency in Europe, particularly in light of discussions concerning shortening settlement cycles. However, we urge ESMA to further consider their proposals put forward in the Consultation Paper on Technical Advice on the CSDR Penalty Mechanism, particularly regarding application of progressive penalty rates.