Market Structure

  • FIA EPTA response to ESMA’s Call for Evidence on Pre-hedging (ESMA70-449-672)

    FIA EPTA welcomes ESMA’s intention to provide more clarity, via future Level 3 guidance, regarding pre-hedging practices in RFQ markets. European RFQ markets have seen significant growth and development over the past years and we believe clarity on the situations where pre-hedging may be inappropriate (or not) will contribute to the greater efficiency and reliability of these markets for all participants.

  • FIA EPTA response to the FCA’s CP22/12 on Improving Equity Secondary Markets

    FIA EPTA is appreciative to the FCA for taking the lead in designing an improved post-trade transparency regime which should benefit the efficiency and competitiveness of UK capital markets. FIA EPTA members found broad support for the FCA’s proposals and found them to be mostly welcome enhancements to the current approach to post-trade transparency.

  • FIA EPTA response to IOSCO Consultation Report CR04/22: Exchange Traded Funds – Good Practices for Consideration

    FIA EPTA appreciates the opportunity to comment on IOSCO’s proposed good practices, which we generally welcome. FIA EPTA supports open, fair, transparent and competitive markets. These principles have informed our responses. For example, we believe it is critical to ensure funds’ AP selection processes remain fair and open to new entrants, as this ultimately benefits end-investors and market resilience.

  • FIA EPTA response to the ESMA Consultation Paper on ESMA’s Opinion on the trading venue perimeter

    FIA EPTA appreciates the opportunity to provide feedback to the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) on the consultation on ESMA’s Opinion on the trading venue perimeter. FIA EPTA considers that ESMA’s approach to defining multilateral systems is overly broad and risks creating further confusion and inconsistencies in the application of MiFID II across the Union.