FIA EPTA response to the UK Government Call for Evidence to support its update of the Green Finance Strategy

22 June 2022

FIA EPTA welcomes the opportunity to respond to the United Kingdom (UK) Government Call for Evidence to support its update of the Green Finance Strategy.  FIA EPTA members believe that the UK Government is at the forefront of the global fight against climate change and mitigating its impact on citizens. The UK Government showed its leadership during COP26 in Glasgow and with the review of many legislative initiatives as also this Call for Evidence shows. It is critical that the UK Government does not lose momentum if the UK is to remain a global centre for green finance. FIA EPTA members express the hope, therefore, that the UK Government will continue to be an ambitious standard-setter, drawing on the high level of experience and professional excellence which is present within the broader UK capital markets ecosystem.

Doing so will place the UK in a position to effectively influence global regulatory approaches and build bridges with other jurisdictions. While global jurisdictions may have different opinions on how to approach the fight against climate change, we see several clear allies across the globe, including the EU, that the UK could effectively work with to ensure. that finance can efficiently contribute to the green transition while minimising undue regulatory inefficiencies or uncertainties.

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