FIA EPTA members elect new Executive Committee

2 June 2020

FIA EPTA’s members have elected a new Executive Committee as the governing body of the industry organisation. For the first time, FIA EPTA hosted a Members Meeting via a video conference due to the Covid-19 crisis. Daniela Dolezalova (RSJ Securities), Diederik Dorst (Flow Traders) and Mark Spanbroek (Independent) were re-elected for a two-year term in ExCo. Mark Spanbroek and Diederik Dorst were re-elected unanimously by ExCo members as FIA EPTA Chairman and Vice Chairman.

The FIA EPTA Executive Committee further consists of Sandra Burggraf (Maven Europe Ltd.), Johannah Ladd (Quantlab Europe BV), Alan McGroarty (Tower Research Capital Europe Ltd), Jackie Mesa (FIA), Virginie Saade (Citadel Securities Europe Ltd.) and Piebe Teeboom (Secretary General, non-voting).

Mark Spanbroek, Chairman of FIA EPTA, said, “I’m pleased to have received a new mandate by the FIA EPTA members and looking forward to next year in which FIA EPTA will celebrate its 10-year anniversary.”

The Chairman also congratulated Daniela Dolezalova and Diederik Dorst with their re-elections. "We look forward to working together as a committee during these challenging times due to the Covid-19 impact, to deliver on the priorities that matter for FIA EPTA members, and will continue to engage across Europe to advocate for sensible and proportionate regulatory outcomes for our industry.”