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  • Digital Asset Regulation and Insights for Asset Managers

    K&L Gates discusses the evolving regulatory environment, recent enforcement actions and proposed U.S. legislation for digital assets and their impact on the asset management industry.

  • Q3 2022 Trends in Futures and Options Trading

    At the global level, trading volume is far ahead of last year, with more than 60 billion futures and options traded on exchanges during the first nine months of the year.

  • New Frontiers in Recordkeeping and Compliance

    This timely session reviewed the current enforcement landscape, and consider practical solutions that regulated firms can adopt to promote compliance. Given the cross-border nature of the commodity and derivatives markets, specific issues related to data privacy, managing preservation requests, and addressing the ability to compel production are also addressed.

  • Cross Border: The Asia-Pacific Trading & Execution Landscape

    The exchange-traded derivatives industry has been influenced and shaped by various dynamics, regionally and globally. In this webinar, a broad spectrum of industry experts discussed how they are adapting to these forces and to share their views on future developments.


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