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Latest News

  • Expo 2022 - The role of innovation and intermediation

    Opening remarks of Walt Lukken, President and CEO of FIA, at the FIA Expo 2022 conference in Chicago. As prepared for delivery.

  • FIA asks FERC to limit scope of communications rule

    FIA has offered comments to the US Federal Regulatory Commission (FERC) regarding a proposed rulemaking that would substantially expand the scope of communications that are subject to FERC’s enforcement authority. 

  • Digital Asset Regulation and Insights for Asset Managers

    K&L Gates discusses the evolving regulatory environment, recent enforcement actions and proposed U.S. legislation for digital assets and their impact on the asset management industry.

  • Q3 2022 Trends in Futures and Options Trading

    At the global level, trading volume is far ahead of last year, with more than 60 billion futures and options traded on exchanges during the first nine months of the year.

  • FIA makes recommendations on circuit breakers

    The current energy crisis has been driving prices of natural gas to record levels, impacting households and businesses. The European Commission has reacted by tasking the European Securities and Market Authorities to review different areas of the market, including the use of circuit breakers by energy trading venues. In a letter to ESMA and the European Commission, FIA makes recommendations and emphasizes controls should not be used to cap prices.

  • ETD Volume - September 2022

    Worldwide volume of exchange-traded derivatives reached 8.24 billion contracts in the month of September, the highest monthly total ever recorded. The September total was up 12.8% from the previous record of August 2022 and up 46.3% from September 2021.


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