Innovators Pavilion 2017 - Where are they now?

In 2017, FIA welcomed 19 young companies from around the world to its third annual fintech showcase, the Innovators Pavilion. Since their participation, many of these startups have achieved notable milestones in their development, including additional funding rounds, expanded services, high-profile customer wins, and outright acquisitions. MarketVoice highlights some of these dynamic firms.

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Latest News

  • Energy crisis and euro clearing top discussions at FIA Forum Brussels

    The energy crisis, the sustainability agenda, and the European Commission’s focus on shifting euro clearing from London to the continent topped the agenda at FIA Forum Brussels, where regulators and market participants gathered to discuss the pressing issues affecting the cleared derivatives markets.

  • Announcing Credora, The Credit Oracle (Sponsored Content)

    Lending has a crucial role in the crypto markets. It allows holders of crypto to earn interest on their assets and it allows borrowing firms to access the capital they need to finance their activities. The recent failures of several crypto lending firms has shown, however, that existing methods for evaluating counterparty credit risk are less than optimal.

  • US senators express support for expanded CFTC oversight in digital commodities markets

    The US Senate Committee on Agriculture, which oversees the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, held a hearing on 15 September to discuss the Digital Commodities Consumer Protection Act, a bipartisan legislative proposal that would grant the CFTC additional oversight over spot digital commodities markets.

  • MarketVoice Podcast - CFTC's Summer Mersinger discusses commodities, climate and more

    Summer Mersinger, who was sworn into office as a Commissioner of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission at the end of March, sat down with FIA President and CEO Walt Lukken as part of an FIA event in Chicago. They discussed recent developments in derivatives markets as well as the agency's priorities right now, including digital assets, event-related contracts, and the CFTC's recent Request for Information on climate-related financial risks.

  • Extreme price moves in energy symptom of supply shortages not market malfunction: EEX’s Reitz

    Renewable energy sources are key to supply crisis in power.

  • People news – August/September 2022

    Appointments, promotions and other people news in the derivatives industry.


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