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Past Webinar Resources

  • Market Surveillance Guidelines

    In this webinar, speakers discuss the recently published FIA Market Surveillance Guidelines and address requirements expected by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority relating to market abuse systems and controls that market participants are required to have pursuant to Article 16 MAR.

  • FIA, Chicago Fed host discussion on diversity in financial markets

    FIA and the Chicago Federal Reserve teamed up with an expert group of panelists to explore past and present experiences, and the future outlook for a diverse and inclusive derivatives industry.

  • Q3 2020 trends in futures and options trading

    This is a webinar discussion on volume and open interest trends across the global listed derivatives markets, with a special focus on European equity derivatives with guest speakers Joseph Nehorai and Anna Whitlow of Goldman Sachs. The webinar includes data on the top exchanges and top contracts by trading volume this year as well as breakdowns of key trends by region and asset class.

  • Margin processing: the clearing firm perspective

    For clearing firms, managing client margin requirements across multiple CCPs for exchange-traded derivatives on a daily basis is a complex process that requires intricate operational and technological workflows.

  • Virtual currency transactions - retail and otherwise: actualizing actual delivery

    The CFTC recently finalized its interpretive guidance on what qualifies as “actual delivery” of virtual currency for purposes of the Commodity Exchange Act’s retail commodity transaction definition.

  • FIA Legal Opinions Primer

    If you are an experienced user of FIA legal opinions, new to the world of FIA netting and other legal opinions for regulatory capital purposes or just curious as to why FIA maintains a library of legal opinions, then this FIA webinar where experts from Clifford Chance LLP and FIA explain the types of legal opinions that FIA maintains, their structure and purpose in the context of regulatory capital requirements is for you.


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