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FIA supports innovation in digital assets and smart regulation that allows products to prosper or fail on their merits. Our organization and our members make room for innovation and growth while still protecting customers and markets.

FIA submits comments to CTFC on request regarding FTX proposal on non-intermediated DCO model

FIA has a long history of supporting innovation in the derivatives industry and believes the FTX Proposal has prompted a healthy dialogue within the industry. However, there remain significant open questions and a lack of critical public information on the model set forth in the FTX Proposal that makes it difficult to analyze potential negative impacts on the customer protections and the clearing process at the heart of our futures markets.

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  • FTX and intermediation a hot topic in regulatory discussions at Expo 

    Policymakers and industry experts discussed the latest approaches to regulating emerging areas of derivatives markets at FIA Expo 2022 in Chicago on Monday, including areas like crypto assets, retail products and climate-related issues. 

  • FIA joins other trade associations in industry response to second Basel consultation on cryptoassets

    FIA also files a supplemental letter urging regulators not to penalise client clearing.

  • US senators express support for expanded CFTC oversight in digital commodities markets

    The US Senate Committee on Agriculture, which oversees the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, held a hearing on 15 September to discuss the Digital Commodities Consumer Protection Act, a bipartisan legislative proposal that would grant the CFTC additional oversight over spot digital commodities markets.

  • Viewpoint – Digital assets are the topic in DC this summer

    Chair Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) of the Senate Agriculture Committee and Ranking Member John Boozman (R-AR) introduced the Digital Commodities Consumer Protection Act of 2022 last week. This much-anticipated legislation would give the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) new tools and authorities to regulate the cash digital asset commodity market while leaving the regulation of digital assets that are deemed securities to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).