Our member firms doing business in commodity markets play crucial role for the global economy by facilitating price discovery and helping end-users manage risk.

  • Commodities market participants discuss impact of geopolitics at Expo

    Panelists at FIA Expo discussed the resilience of global commodity markets amid the significant disruptions of the last year. However, there is still room for the industry to improve even though markets continued to function well.

  • Clearing rules for energy markets in focus at Expo

    Panelists discuss EU measures to tackle energy crisis

  • FIA asks FERC to limit scope of communications rule

    FIA has offered comments to the US Federal Regulatory Commission (FERC) regarding a proposed rulemaking that would substantially expand the scope of communications that are subject to FERC’s enforcement authority. 

  • FIA makes recommendations on circuit breakers

    The current energy crisis has been driving prices of natural gas to record levels, impacting households and businesses. The European Commission has reacted by tasking the European Securities and Market Authorities to review different areas of the market, including the use of circuit breakers by energy trading venues. In a letter to ESMA and the European Commission, FIA makes recommendations and emphasizes controls should not be used to cap prices.