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Trade associations sign letter on safeguarding the EU ETS
September 21, 2022 CONTINUE READING
FIA responds to independent review of LME nickel market disruption
September 2, 2022 CONTINUE READING
FIA responds to ESMA consultation on cash penalty process for cleared transactions
September 9, 2022 CONTINUE READING
Resources related to Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral
September 12, 2022 CONTINUE READING

Publications & Filings

  • Trade associations sign letter on safeguarding the EU ETS

    FIA and seven other trade associations representing financial institutions and corporates have sent a letter to the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the European Commission and the European Parliament, calling for the proper functioning of the EU Emissions Trading System to be safeguarded. The joint letter follows harmful proposals to limit financial institutions' participation in the EU’s carbon market, which would significantly impair the efficient functioning of the EU ETS, jeopardising Europe’s decarbonisation efforts.

  • ETD Volume - August 2022

    Worldwide volume of exchange-traded derivatives reached 7.30 billion contracts in the month of August, the highest monthly total ever recorded. The August total was up 11.2% from July 2022 and up 38.1% from August 2021.

  • A Futures Industry Perspective - How EU Policymakers Should Respond to the Energy Crisis

    With Europe facing an extraordinary shortage of energy triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, prices for natural gas and electricity have reached record highs. FIA provides a high-level overview of the liquidity issues emerging in the futures markets and our perspective on some of the measures now under consideration to ease the impact on utilities and other firms facing extraordinarily large margin calls.

  • Resources and notices related to Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral

    FIA FIA created this page for members as a resource for information related to market closures caused by the Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s State Funeral on Monday 19 September.

  • FIA responds to ESMA consultation on cash penalty process for cleared transactions

    FIA supports ESMA’s proposals to remove the special process of collection and distribution of penalties by central counterparties for cleared transactions. This will allow for the centralisation of collection and distribution process of cash penalties for both cleared and uncleared transactions upon a single entity (central securities depository), allowing for a more straightforward and consistent approach, fully centred on the settlement step regardless of trading flow.

  • FIA statement on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II

    FIA joins the U.K. in mourning the loss of Queen Elizabeth II and has begun discussions with market participants in the cleared derivatives industry about the potential of market closures in observance of her passing.