Trends in market structure and industry concerns

insights from the Greenwich Associates FIA 2020 derivatives study

26 March 2020


The webinar discussed findings from an industry survey conducted in partnership with Greenwich Associates, a provider of data, analytics and insights for the financial services industry.

Although the survey was conducted well before the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the findings reveal important insights on several long-term trends affecting the global derivatives markets, including the impact of capital requirements, the adoption of central clearing, the transition away from Libor, and the implementation of margin requirements on uncleared derivatives. Attendees will come away with insights on how their peers in the industry are setting priorities for their longer-term business plans.

Those insights reflect the views of a wide range of market participants, including exchanges and intermediaries as well as asset managers, hedge funds and other end-users. The study also sheds light on what market participants view as the key factors influencing the future growth of the derivatives clearing business. 


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