Tag 1031 FAQ

12 November 2019


In December 2018 the FIA and FIA Tech published Guidelines for the Simplified FIA Execution Source Code Schema. The purpose of the schema is to provide futures industry participants that are downstream of execution with a set of codes that can be added to order messages to indicate how trades are executed. The goal is to facilitate efficient brokerage settlement in a world with ever increasing proliferation of execution services, platforms and providers.

On Nov. 17, the CME Group will implement a mandatory requirement to use these codes, as specified in the Guidelines, in FIX Tag 1031 at the point of order entry. Any order messages that do not contain a value in this tag will not be accepted by the exchange.

In preparation of this significant change we invite you to join representatives from CME Group, FIA and FIA Tech for a Q&A session on Tag 1031.


Don Byron, SVP Head of Global Industry Operations & Execution, FIA; Mark Davis, SVP, Head of Strategy, FIA Tech and; Steve Peters, Executive Director, Global Account Management, CME Group

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