The CFTC’s evolving application of its fraud-based manipulation law and regulatory provisions

Part of the L&C webinar series

2 December 2021


In this webinar we explore the CFTC’s expanding application of the anti-manipulation provisions of Dodd-Frank into novel territory. This webinar focuses on recent enforcement actions under Section 6(c)(1) of the Commodity Exchange Act and CFTC Regulation 180.1, and how the CFTC has taken a broad view of its anti-manipulation authority and sought to punish a wide range of alleged misconduct beyond traditional market manipulation or commodities fraud. For example, the CFTC has brought enforcement actions alleging misappropriation of non-public information, payment of bribes and kickbacks to employees of state-owned entities, and misstatements to futures exchanges or future commission merchants. Are such actions supported by the relevant law? When charged, is settlement the only plausible outcome? Tune in for a robust discussion on these topics and more.

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