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  • FIA responds to second Basel consultation on cryptoassets, urges regulators not to penalize client clearing

    FIA filed a response to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s second consultation on the prudential treatment of cryptoassets urging the Basel Committee not to penalize client clearing. FIA cautions that without clarification the proposed framework would undermine consensus post-crisis reforms and discourage banks from facilitating the central clearing of crypto-asset linked derivatives, thereby limit the risk-reducing effect on crypto-asset markets that central clearing has on other derivative markets and limit hedging opportunities for market participants.

  • FIA, ISDA respond to ESMA call for evidence on pre-hedging

    FIA and the International Swaps and Derivatives Association have jointly responded to a European Securities and Markets Authority call for evidence on pre-hedging activities. FIA and ISDA offered comments on ESMA’s proposed a definition for pre-hedging, how to distinguish it from hedging, the relationship with MiFID and MAR including legitimate and illegitimate indicators, the treatment of RFQs and more.

  • FIA urges CFTC to clarify regulation of event contracts

    FIA filed comments with the CFTC urging the agency to clarify the rules governing event contracts. FIA submitted its comment letter in response to the CFTC’s review of KalshiEx’s proposal to list contracts on which political party will be in control of each chamber of the U.S. Congress.

  • Arbitrations: From the Starting Gate to the Finish Line

    With the rise and risks associated with litigating through the arbitration process, this panel will provide an overview of the processes for NFA, AAA, and FINRA arbitrations. The panel will start the discussion with the importance of building the necessary foundation for success through preparation, continuing through discovery, and strategies for success at the hearing. The panel will also cover the important differences amongst NFA, AAA, and FINRA arbitrations and their respective processes.

  • ETD Volume - August 2022

    Worldwide volume of exchange-traded derivatives reached 7.30 billion contracts in the month of August, the highest monthly total ever recorded. The August total was up 11.2% from July 2022 and up 38.1% from August 2021.

  • Trade associations sign letter on safeguarding the EU ETS

    FIA and seven other trade associations representing financial institutions and corporates have sent a letter to the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the European Commission and the European Parliament, calling for the proper functioning of the EU Emissions Trading System to be safeguarded. The joint letter follows harmful proposals to limit financial institutions' participation in the EU’s carbon market, which would significantly impair the efficient functioning of the EU ETS, jeopardising Europe’s decarbonisation efforts.


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