Practical ways to boost inclusive recruitment

Diversity issues span industry categories, experts say

15 June 2022

Dr. Mara Antonoff, Associate Professor of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery at MD Anderson Cancer Center, talks to FIA Board Member Jamila Piracci about her practical approach to inclusive recruitment that can be put into practice regardless of industry or sector.

Speaking about recruitment themes very similar to those in the financial services industry, Dr. Antonoff explains how her recruitment process overcomes blind spots and implicit biases, resulting in an increased number of bright, accomplished and talented trainees from distinct backgrounds and experiences that better represent the diversity of patients they serve.

"This is the start, but our work does not stop the moment someone gets their foot in the door," Dr. Antonoff says. "Conversations like this are important — we can learn from different fields, and we can share transferable experiences."

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