International Women's Day: #BreakTheBias

Women leaders share ways to combat bias and promote gender equality in the workplace

8 March 2022


This year's International Women’s Day theme is #BreakTheBias, encouraging everyone to challenge and take action against gender bias, discrimination and stereotyping that make it difficult for women to move ahead. MarketVoice reached out to women leaders, both at FIA and in the industry, to hear their thoughts on ways to break bias and promote gender equality in the workplace.

Here are their responses: 

“If everyone in the room looks like you, change rooms.” -- Keisha Bell, managing director, head of diverse talent management and advancement, DTCC.

"Don’t be afraid to challenge when you experience or witness inappropriate behaviour. Push boundaries and be the change, or assist those who do not have a voice to do so." -- Clare Black, managing director, Streets Consulting.

“Challenge the status quo and be the change you want to see.” -- Emma Davey, chief commercial officer, FIA.

"Be courageous and speak up. Start the conversations no matter how uncomfortable. This is no time for silence." -- Pamela Jones, co-founder and executive director, Genesis Consultancy.

"Recognise that diverse viewpoints render the best quality outcomes." -- Allison Lurton, chief legal officer and general counsel, FIA. 

Publicly acknowledge other women’s successes and ignore perceived or real barriers." -- Jackie Mesa, chief operating officer and senior vice president of global policy, FIA.

Create your team, outside your team – find a network, group or mentor outside your team or workplace to help strengthen your diversity of thought." -- Adrienne Muir, chief operating officer, VoxSmart.

Be courageous enough to confront outdated and unproven assumptions and engage in uncomfortable conversations that create a more honest narrative to promote change.” -- Christine Townsend, vice president - human resources, FIA.

"Never back down. Your ideas, opinions, and work have merit – make sure you are seen AND heard." -- Melanie Wold, senior content writer, Software AG.

"Don’t let anyone tell you, you cannot do something because you are a woman." -- Pauline Yong, director of regional projects, Asia Pacific, FIA.



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