Compliance collaboration

SGX launches initiatives to address spoofing and other market misconduct

11 November 2016


The Singapore Exchange on Sept. 28 launched two initiatives in collaboration with its member firms to detect and stop market misconduct, foster good trading practices and maintain a fair, orderly and transparent marketplace.

The first initiative is the Trade Surveillance Handbook, which aims to improve member firms' understanding of what constitutes improper market conduct. This handbook is being released in series, with the first topic focused on spoofing, layering and marking the close activities. The handbook also provides guidelines for members to incorporate into their surveillance programs.

The second initiative is the Members' Surveillance Dashboard, which contains statistics and information on activities that could be related to market misconduct. Each member will receive the dashboard with information specific to its trading.

"The Trade Surveillance Handbook and Members Surveillance Dashboard will enable member firms to join forces with SGX as gatekeepers to take the fight to detect and stop market misconduct even further upstream," said Tan Boon Gin, the exchange's chief regulatory officer.

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