Thomas J. Hammond

FIA Futures Hall of Fame 2017

Thomas J. Hammond
Thomas J. Hammond

Tom Hammond has spent nearly 40 years in the futures industry including more than 30 years at clearing houses. He spent the past 10 years as President of ICE Clear US and is currently focusing on global clearing strategy as he prepares to transition into retirement in June of 2017.

Prior to joining ICE in August of 2007, Tom was the Managing Director of Trading Operations at the Chicago Board of Trade (and later the CME Group). In this role, he helped lead the successful transition to, and ongoing operation of, the Common Clearing Link. Before joining the CBOT in 2003, Hammond was Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Interim CEO of the Board of Trade Clearing Corporation (BOTCC). There he successfully managed the development and implementation of integrated over-the-counter (OTC) clearing systems while expanding clearing services and functionality for regulated futures contract markets. Tom began his clearing career in 1984 managing the clearing house of the MidAmerican Commodity Exchange. Prior to that, he worked for two Chicago-based FCMs: Rosenthal and Co. (1980) and Goodman Manaster (1982).

Throughout his career, Tom has been integral to the development of clearing technology and risk management tools. He helped the industry manage over 14 clearing member defaults, such as Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and MF Global.

Tom has served on the Board of Directors for the Financial Services Division and the Chicago Operations Division of FIA and participated in the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank's Working Group on Financial Markets.

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