Robert B. Moore

FIA Hall of Fame 2024

Robert B. Moore
Robert B. Moore

Robert Moore is a prominent figure in finance and futures trading and currently serves as the general partner at Marquette Partners, a liquidity provider specializing in exchange-traded derivatives. With a career spanning more than four decades, Moore has made substantial contributions to the industry, leaving an indelible mark on the Chicago financial landscape.

Moore's journey in the futures market began in 1980 when he entered the Chicago Board of Trade bond pit and became a member of CBOT a year later. In a short span, he emerged as a preeminent market maker in US Treasury bond futures.

In 1990, Moore founded Marquette Partners with college friend Jim Heinz. Initially a small arbitrage desk in Chicago, it grew into an international multi-asset liquidity provider with headquarters in Chicago and offices in London, Paris, Frankfurt, and Milan. 

Throughout his career, Moore actively participated in industry boards and committees, emphasizing integrity and professionalism. This included serving on the CBOT Executive Committee on Competitive Stance and Ethics Committees and contributing to the CBOT Business Conduct Committee in upholding ethical standards and fair practices. Currently, Moore serves on the Advisory Board of Praxis Opportunity Fund. 

Beyond his professional achievements, Moore is recognized for his philanthropic endeavors, supporting industry charity initiatives as well as the Juvenile Protection Association as a board member.

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