Nick Forgan

FIA Hall of Fame 2024

Nick Forgan
Nick Forgan

Nick Forgan has spent more than 35 years in the cleared derivatives industry, including 32 years at J.P. Morgan where he held leadership positions in Sydney, Singapore and London.

Forgan started his career as a pit trader on the Sydney Futures Exchange in September 1987, a month before the famed “Black Monday” crash. He said he learnt more about the functionality of the futures market during that period than any market dislocation going forward. 

Forgan joined J.P. Morgan from Commonwealth Bank in 1991 and moved to Singapore for a stint in 1996. That stint would last 18 years and included his appointment as CEO of J.P. Morgan Securities Singapore with regional responsibility for futures and options in Asia. He served as a board member of SIMEX, chair of the Singapore Exchange Advisory Committee, and was a foundation board member of FIA Asia where he served for 12 years including time as board chair.

 Forgan played a pivotal role in the expansion of futures markets in Asia, particularly in enhancing Asian exchanges and clearinghouses’ understanding of global risk management best practices.  He was a pioneer in providing access to China futures exchanges and was instrumental in building a successful China joint venture, now a wholly owned J.P. Morgan entity.

 In 2014, Forgan assumed responsibility for the European derivatives clearing business in London. He oversaw the build out of a new Paris clearing team and adapted the business to support clients post-Brexit.  Forgan continued his contributions to the industry as a member of the FIA European Advisory Board and ICE Clear Europe Client Risk Committee.

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