John A. Wing

FIA Futures Hall of Fame 2005

Jack Wing
Jack Wing

Jack Wing brought to the futures industry a unique ability to bring together people and ideas from the futures and securities markets. He began his career at the Securities and Exchange Commission as a financial analyst and a trial lawyer. In 1968 he moved to Chicago to become the general counsel at A.G. Becker & Co., then served as the firm’s president from 1975 to 1980. In 1981, he joined The Chicago Corporation as its chief executive officer and continued to lead the firm following its merger with ABN AMRO Inc. in 1997. Wing served on several industry boards in both the securities and the futures industries, including the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the Securities Industry Association, the Futures Industry Association, the National Futures Association, and the National Association of Securities Dealers. In addition, he has long had a deep interest in education. In 1992, he founded a masters degree program focused on financial markets at the Illinois Institute of Technology. In 1998, he became chairman of the IIT Center for Law and Financial Markets and founding editor of the Journal of Global Financial Markets. He was 75 when he died on Aug. 7, 2011. 

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