John W. Henry

FIA Futures Hall of Fame 2005

John Henry
John Henry

John Henry is one of the most successful investment managers in the futures industry. He began trading futures in his mid-20’s, hedging soybean, corn and what prices for his family’s farming operation, and showed a life-long fascination with statistical trends in the markets. Since establishing his company in 1981, he has developed may innovative investment programs in the futures, foreign exchange and fixed income and has won acclaim for his systematic approach to trend following. He also was one of the leaders in opening the doors for public participation in managed futures through his partnerships with some of the largest and best-known wirehouses such as Dean Witter and Merrill Lynch. He has also served in several prominent positions in industry organizations, including FIA board of director and the managed Futures Association. Most recently, he became the principal owner of the Boston Red Soc. Under his leadership, the team won the World Series in 2004, its first championship since 1919.  

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