Atsushi Saito

FIA Futures Hall of Fame 2017

Atsushi Saito
Atsushi Saito

Atsushi Saito served for two years as Group CEO, President and Chief Executive Officer of Japan Exchange Group – the exchange group established from the business combination of Tokyo Stock Exchange Group and Osaka Securities Exchange – retiring in June 2015.

He previously served as the President and CEO of Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) from June 2007, and in August 2007 he became the first President and CEO of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, the holding company of the TSE and self-regulatory corporation of the exchange. In this capacity, Saito-san oversaw the merger of TSE and the Osaka Securities Exchange (now known as Osaka Exchange), to form JPX in January 2013. Prior to his time at TSE, he was the President and CEO of the Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan (IRCJ), a government sponsored group focused on turnaround investments. While at IRCJ, Saito-san demonstrated strong leadership in the revitalization of several Japanese companies.

In addition to these roles, he was a CEO of Sumitomo Life Investment Co. He previously held various executive roles at Nomura Securities and was appointed as Executive Vice President of Nomura in 1995.

Saito-san has been a Member of the Board of the World Federation of Exchanges; holds a B.A. in Commerce from Keio University, and is now Chairman of investment firm KKR Japan.

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