Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

Diversity encompasses a range of human differences. All areas of diversity, equity and inclusion deserve recognition in our industry.

FIA is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion and will strive to encourage, support and celebrate the diverse voices both within the organization and the industry at large

FIA believes inclusion and diversity are both business and moral imperatives that build trust, bring different skills and perspectives to an organization, and compel us to stand up for what is right. Our mission is to foster diversity and inclusion and encourage, support and celebrate the diverse voices both within the association and the industry at large.

Our board-level Diversity Committee, chaired by Alicia Crighton from Goldman Sachs, includes senior representatives from FIA member firms, as well as FIA senior staff. Collectively, this group ensures the topic of diversity, equity and inclusion stays on the agenda across FIA events and board discussions and considers practical steps to foster a culture of inclusion in the industry.

This year will see a continuation of our efforts to promote diversity through communications, conference programming, committee participation and other channels. Building on our existing partner programs, we will also explore other ways of shining a light on diverse talent.

We believe it is important to work in partnership with the industry broadly and our members in particular to identify practical steps that can be taken to further this initiative.

FIA Diversity and Inclusion Efforts in 2022

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Greenwood Project Partnership

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    As part of FIA’s board-level Diversity & Inclusion Initiative, we are partnering with the Greenwood Project, a non-profit focused on introducing Black and Latinx students to careers within the financial industry via paid summer internships in financial firms, academic instruction and mentorships.

News and commentary

  • How ZISHI is preparing students for the derivatives trading world

    ZISHI, the former training arm of prop trading group OSTC, is working with a growing number of universities in the UK to provide undergraduate and postgraduate courses to prepare students for the financial trading world. Already supported by ICE and options market maker Mako Trading, ZISHI is looking for more firms in the derivatives industry to support its efforts as it advances in its mission to provide "financial education for all."

  • CFTC's Johnson offers advice to Greenwood Project scholars

    At FIA event, Commissioner Johnson discusses diversity through sponsorship 

  • Supporting women in leadership on their paths to success

    Georgie Dickins, founder & CEO of Women in Leadership Global, discusses her work in leadership development and as a C-suite executive coach.

  • IDX highlights DEI in the financial services industry

    Clare Black, managing director at Streets Consulting, moderated a panel at FIA’s International Derivatives Expo (IDX) on 21 June titled Driving the DEI Agenda: How to Make a Real Difference in Your Organisation. Founder and Chair of the UK’s Black Talent Charter Harry Matovu KC and Deputy CEO at Leadership Through Sport & Business (LTSB) Pete Ward weighed in on DEI initiatives relating to two key issues: race and social mobility. 


Black Talent Charter

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    FIA is proud to be a supporter of the Black Talent Charter, an initiative aimed at improving the representation of talented Black professionals in the financial and professional services sectors in the UK, and encouraging their progression to senior positions. Data shows that men and women of Black heritage are the most underrepresented ethnic group in these sectors at senior levels, and that the imbalance has not improved in years. The Charter aims to shift the dial through committed, meaningful action.

Interview with Dr. Mara Antonoff - Practical ways to boost inclusive recruitment

Dr. Mara Antonoff, Associate Professor of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery at MD Anderson Cancer Center, talks to FIA Board Member Jamila Piracci about her practical approach to inclusive recruitment that can be put into practice regardless of industry or sector.

"This is the start, but our work does not stop the moment someone gets their foot in the door," Dr. Antonoff says. "Conversations like this are important — we can learn from different fields, and we can share transferable experiences."