FIA publishes due diligence questionnaire for IT outsourcing and procurement

9 January 2017

FIA's e-Trading Working Group has produced a Due Diligence Questionnaire for IT Outsourcing and Procurement which aims to provide a standard form for firms to request information from their vendors as part of MiFID II regulatory requirements.

Under MIFID II, investment firms will be responsible for ensuring that all software or hardware used in algorithmic trading activities meets certain regulatory standards (RTS 6). This includes software and hardware procured from or outsourced to third parties, and investment firms therefore must ensure that their vendors meet these standards. 

By virtue of agreeing on this document, firms do not automatically meet the relevant MiFID II requirements. The questionnaire is intended to serve as a template for obtaining information in a standard format on the basis of which each firm will then make its own due diligence.

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