FIA New Member Profile - Abaxx Exchange and Clearing

5 February 2024

Member name: Abaxx Exchange and Clearing 

Firm overview: Commodities exchange and clearinghouse  

Role in derivatives markets: Singapore-based Abaxx Exchange and Clearing was launched to provide centrally cleared, physically delivered commodity futures contracts to deliver better price signals and to help energy and commodity markets accelerate the energy transition. Licensed as a Recognised Market Operator and an Approved Clearinghouse by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the exchange plans to go live with physically delivered contracts in LNG, Carbon and Battery Metals in Q1 2024. 

More information: 

The text in this Member Profile was provided by Abaxx Exchange and Clearing with the purpose of informing the industry about FIA’s membership and who we’re supporting with our work. Explore the full list of FIA’s members at For more information, please contact Myriam Condon at

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