ESG Futures Products

An L&C Division Webinar

16 April 2024


Recent developments in financial markets have led to a significant increase in the availability and interest in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) futures products. Major futures exchanges have introduced ESG futures across various sectors, driven by growing demand for sustainable investment options and the need for hedging and exposure management tools in ESG-focused portfolios. These futures are becoming crucial for investors aiming to integrate sustainability into their trading strategies. The evolving legal and compliance landscape, with bodies like the SEC, CFTC and ESMA setting guidelines and requirements for ESG financial products, presents challenges and opportunities. This program will explore the legal frameworks, addressing ESG disclosures, greenwashing risks, and the integration of ESG factors into investment and risk management processes.


Host: Michael Sorrell, Deputy General Counsel, FIA
Panelist: Harris Kay, Partner-in-Charge, Chicago Office, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Elizabeth Davis, Financial Services Practice Group Co-Chair, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Conor McDonough, Associate, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Shannon O’Neil, Associate, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
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