Emma Richardson, JP Morgan

International Women’s Day

8 March 2023


Emma Richardson, JP Morgan

Emma Richardson is the global head of the futures and derivatives clearing business at JP Morgan, overseeing the listed derivatives, OTC clearing and intermediation businesses. This includes exchange-traded futures and options, OTC rates and credit, cleared products, FX, and fixed income prime brokerage.

Richardson joined JP Morgan in 2004 on the bank’s graduate program in London before relocating to the bank’s New York office to work in a client service role focused on credit derivatives intermediation.

“I was working in a process-driven role in the middle of a global financial crisis. It was a huge learning experience,” she says.

She moved back to JP Morgan in London in 2009 and held positions leading product development, business strategy and client service initiatives across cleared derivatives and OTC credit derivatives before being appointed to the global head role in May last year.

Richardson says that throughout her career she has worked with inspirational senior female leaders. When she joined JP Morgan, for instance, Emily Portney, now CEO of BNY Mellon's Asset Servicing business, was the global head of the business. Nicole Giles currently the CFO of the investment bank, was business manager, and Teresa Heitsenrether, now JP Morgan’s global head of securities services, was European head of prime brokerage.

“When I joined this business, both within the industry and within JP Morgan, it was very male-dominated. But there were also real examples of inspirational, senior female leaders that I was lucky enough to work with, who made me feel like there was no limit to what I could do. We’ve made significant strides in recent years, but there’s still a long way to go. ” Richardson says.

Speaking about the state of diversity in the industry now, Richardson says she is encouraged by the focus and open dialogue that is taking place.

“There is a lot more deliberate intent around trying to ensure that there's not just female representation but more diverse representation,” she says.

For women who are looking to advance their careers to senior levels in the industry, Richardson gives the following advice: “Take every opportunity to learn, to network, to expand your own knowledge and the value that you can add to an organization. Push yourself out of your comfort zone to really develop yourself.”

“It's on all of us to push ourselves to be able to keep on learning,” she adds. “Opportunities do present themselves and the more fungible and flexible you are, the more you will be considered for stretch opportunities.”

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