Don't make it worse: responding properly to US/UK investigations

part of the FIA Law & Compliance Division webinar series

7 February 2019


Join the FIA Law & Compliance Division on February 7 for a webinar focusing on the proper way to respond to US/UK regulatory investigations. A panel of Clifford Chance attorneys will join together to discuss and analyze recent cases alleging misconduct related to the response to a regulatory investigation into derivatives, cryptocurrency and futures market activity to assist in-house counsel in identifying potential pitfalls that can lead to such charges. The panelists will also explain the special features of the criminal law process including surveillance, compelled testimony, search and arrest warrants, proffers and cooperation arrangements and how they may materially alter the posture of an otherwise regulatory investigation.


Benjamin Berringer, Celeste Koeleveld, Kelwin Nicholls and David Yeres of Clifford Chance

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