Beyond Spoofing: What’s Next for CFTC and DOJ Enforcement

An L&C Division webinar

19 May 2022

A new CFTC Chair, four new CFTC Commissioners, and new senior leadership at the Department of Justice are not likely to change the ongoing cooperation between the CFTC and DOJ. Instead, cooperation will continue and likely increase during the Biden Administration. This panel discussed what that continued cooperation means for the financial derivatives markets and what are the likely areas of focus going forward. While uncovering “spoofing” remains a priority for the CFTC and DOJ, the cooperation between the two is likely to expand into and develop new areas of investigation and focus. Some of those new developments suggest a return to Obama-era policies and priorities, while others are entirely new and novel. The panelists shared insights informed by decades of experience at DOJ and in the private sector.

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