FIA Hall of Fame

Recognizing the outstanding contributions of members of the listed and cleared derivatives community

The FIA Hall of Fame celebrates individuals in the listed and cleared derivatives industry who have made key contributions to our markets during their careers.  

FIA established the Hall of Fame in 2005 to commemorate its 50th anniversary and to celebrate the men and women who have contributed their time, talent, and passion to building our industry and impacting its members. Inductees come from both the private and public sectors, and are chosen by a distinguished panel comprised of existing FIA Hall of Fame members and global industry executives.  

Members of the Hall of Fame are selected based on their lifetime contributions to our industry with a focus on demonstrated leadership, innovative and impactful achievement, break-through accomplishment, and industry collaboration, volunteerism and dedication. 

Inductees reflect the diverse and inclusive nature of our industry and come from many different parts of the world, with unique backgrounds and experiences. One thing that unites them all, however, is a passionate determination to build strong, healthy, safe, and competitive markets. 

For this, we owe every member of the FIA Hall of Fame our gratitude. 

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FIA Hall of Fame
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FIA Hall of Fame Inductees

Patrick H. Arbor John T. Geldermann Edmund J. O’Connor
Dr. Fred D. Arditti Jeffrey Geldermann William F. O’Connor
Louis Moore Bacon Anthony George Gero Patrick M. Parkinson
William T. Bagley Phupinder S. Gill Thomas Peterffy
Sheila Bair John F. Gilmore, Jr. Todd E. Petzel
Lucian Thomas Baldwin III Daniel R. Glickman Michael G. Philipp 
Anthony M. Belchambers Ralph Goldenberg Dr. Susan M. Phillips
John F. Benjamin Alan Greenspan Andreas Preuss
Richard Berliand William H. Gross Juliette Proudlove
Fischer S. Black George F. Haase, Jr. William J. Rainer
Lloyd C. Blankfein Arthur Hahn Ken Raisler
Magnus Böcker Thomas J. Hammond Robert D. Ray
John Boehner Hal T. Hansen  Ivers W. Riley
Jeffrey C. Borchardt David Hardy Julian H. Robertson, Jr.
Brooksley Born Douglas Harris Leslie Rosenthal
Sharon Bowen Christopher K. Hehmeyer Daniel J. Roth
William J. Brodsky John W. Henry Thomas A. Russo
Mary Ann Burns Ronald M. Hersch  Atsushi Saito
D. Keith Campbell  Chuck Hohman Jerrold E. Salzman
Fernando Centelles Leslie V. Hosking John F. ‘Jack’ Sandner
C. Saxby Chambliss Adrian C. ‘Ace’ Israel Dr. Richard L. Sandor 
Alger Baldwin “Duke” Chapman Paul-Andre Jacot Mary L. Schapiro
Max C. Chapman Jr. Dr. Henry Jarecki Myron Scholes
Bruce L. Cleland Hugo Jenkins Edmund R. Schroeder
J. Robert Collins Michael N. Jenkins Gary Seevers
John J. Conheeney Philip McBride Johnson Stephen F. Selig
Andrea M. Corcoran Garry Jones David R. Setters
Robert T. Cox Paul Tudor Jones II  John P. Sievwright
M. Elaine Crocker Celesta Jurkovich Craig F. Smithson
John M. Damgard Leong Ka-Chai Ng Kok Song
Paul Davies Peter F. Karpen  Steve Sparke
Michael C. Dawley Jerome Kemp Steven D. Spence
Eligio “Kika” de la Garza, II Thomas A. Kloet Michael Spencer
Richard J. Dennis K.K. Kodama Jürg Spillmann
Thomas H. Dittmer David Krell John H. Stassen 
Barbara S. Dixon Yoshio Kuno Steve Staszak
Senator Robert J. Dole  George D. F. Lamborn Olof Stenhammar
Craig S. Donohue Jack H. Lehman III  Lee B. Stern
Thomas R. Donovan Anthony J. Leitner Howard A. Stotler
William ‘Billy’ Buchanan Dunavant Jr. Charles Li Dennis A. Suskind
Michael V. Dunn Victor Liew Kim Taylor
Bryan T. Durkin Barry J. Lind  Margery F. Teller
Robert G. Easton Bonnie Litt Jean-François Theodore
William R. Eckhardt Richard G. Lugar Ang Swee Tian
Marcy Engel Wayne P. Luthringshausen Paula A. Tosini
Gay Huey Evans Arthur R. Marcus  Kenneth G. Tropin
Charles ‘Harry’ Falk Blythe Masters Frederick G. Uhlmann
Robert B. Feduniak  Rosemary T. McFadden Vincent J. Viola
W. Robert Felker  James J. McNulty David J. Vogel
Ron Filler Joanne Medero Wallace G. Weisenborn
Robert E. Fink Leo Melamed  F. Helmut Weymar
Stanley Fink Merton H. Miller Alan Whiting
Jörg Fischer Yasuo Mogi Barbara B. Wierzynski
John L. Foyle Laurence E. Mollner  Brian Williamson
Jörg Franke Dennis M. Murray Robert K. Wilmouth
Hugh Freedberg Ravi Narain John A. Wing
Milton Friedman Charles P. Nastro Benjamin Wolkowitz
Mitch R. Fulscher Jim Newsome Hiromi Yamaji
John G. Gaine Ulla Nilsson  
David R. Ganis Robert J. O’Brien, Sr.  


2022 Inductees

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