Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

In 2019, FIA announced the Board-level Diversity Committee, which is an initiative to address the importance of diversity and inclusion in our industry. Diversity encompasses a range of human differences. All areas of diversity and inclusion deserve recognition in our industry.

FIA Diversity and Inclusion Efforts in 2019

Mission statement:
FIA recognizes the benefits that diversity and inclusion can bring to an organization. FIA is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion and will strive to encourage, support and celebrate the diverse voices both within the organization and the industry at large.

FIA President and CEO Walt Lukken unveiled a board-level Diversity Committee, an initiative addressing the importance of diversity and inclusion in our industry.

The committee, chaired by board member Alicia Crighton, from Goldman Sachs, includes senior representatives from FIA member firms, as well as FIA senior staff, discussing ways to keep the topic on the agenda across events and board discussions and well as considering practical steps to help foster a culture of inclusion in the industry.

The board remains committed to addressing the importance of diversity and inclusion in our industry. 2020 will see a continuation of FIA’s efforts to promote diversity, through its communications, conference programming, committee participation and other channels. FIA will explore other ways of shining a light on emerging diverse talent. We also believe it is important to work in partnership with the industry broadly and our members in particular to identify practical steps that can be taken to further this initiative.

Diverse Voices

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    As part of an ongoing commitment at FIA to highlight the importance of diversity and inclusion in our industry, members of the derivatives community share their experiences and discuss areas of D&I that need greater focus.

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