INFOGRAPHIC: FIA Innovator Market Map

8 July 2019

Each year FIA organizes an Innovators Pavilion at the annual Futures & Options Expo in Chicago to showcase fintech startups that are offering forward-thinking solutions for the global capital markets. Since 2015, more than 70 fintech startups have participated in the Innovators Pavilion and presented their solutions to thousands of derivatives markets professionals. This infographic illustrates which firms have participated in the Innovators Pavilion, organized by the type of solution they are offering.


INFOGRAPHIC: FIA Innovator Market Map


If your firm belongs in this infographic, then apply now for the 2019 Innovators Pavilion. Applications close on August 9. 

Are you a past FIA Innovator and can’t find your logo? Contact the FIA marketing team and we will update the graphic!

Make sure to mark your calendar for the 2019 Innovators Pavilion, taking place at the 35th Annual Futures & Options Expo from Oct. 29-31. Register now and join us to see which fintech startups make the cut! 

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