FIA New Member Profile – ICE Futures Abu Dhabi

14 October 2020

Member name: ICE Futures Abu Dhabi

Firm overview: Commodity futures exchange

Role in derivatives markets: ICE Futures Abu Dhabi is a derivatives exchange located in the Abu Dhabi Global Market and will offer the world’s first Murban Crude futures contract. ICE Futures Abu Dhabi will complement Murban futures with a series of tradeable spread markets to other ICE crude oil benchmarks alongside a series of related derivative contracts including 1st lines, crude swaps and differentials. ICE Murban futures will clear at ICE Clear Europe alongside ICE Brent, ICE WTI, ICE (Platts) Dubai and ICE Low Sulphur Gasoil.  

More information:

The text in this Member Profile was provided by ICE Abu Dhabi, with the purpose of informing the industry about FIA’s membership and who we’re supporting with our work. Explore the full list of FIA’s members at For more information, please contact Myriam Condon at



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