About FIA

FIA is the leading global trade organization for the futures, options and centrally cleared derivatives markets, with offices in Brussels, London, Singapore and Washington, D.C. Our membership includes clearing firms, exchanges, clearinghouses, trading firms and commodities specialists from about 50 countries as well as technology vendors, law firms and other professional service providers.

Our mission: To support open, transparent and competitive markets, protect and enhance the integrity of the financial system, and promote high standards of professional conduct.


FIA was founded in 1955 in New York as the Association of Commodity Exchange Firms. It was originally established to provide a forum to discuss issues, work with exchanges, represent the public customer, study ways to reduce costs, eliminate the abuse of credit, cooperate on education efforts and protect firms from fraudulent warehouse receipts.

As the principal members of derivatives clearinghouses worldwide, FIA's clearing firm members play a critical role in the reduction of systemic risk in global financial markets.

In 1973, the New York association expanded to include Chicago FCMs. In 1978 it was renamed the Futures Industry Association and moved to Washington. FIA broadened its reach again in the mid-1980s when international organizations were invited to become members.

Meanwhile, FIA Europe was founded in 1993 in London as the Futures and Options Association, just over a decade after the birth of financial futures in Europe.

FIA’s Asia office was originally set up in 2005 to provide a forum for members to discuss issues relating to the futures and options industry in the Asia-Pacific region, becoming a formal branch – FIA Asia – in Singapore in 2012.

In 2013, FIA, FIA Europe and FIA Asia formed an affiliation strengthening their influence on cross-border issues, substantially increasing the coordination and information flow between regions and providing a powerful global voice to express the views of their members.

In January 2016 the merger of FIA, FIA Europe and FIA Asia into a single organization took effect. The merged organization serves both the global and regional needs of the futures, options and centrally cleared derivatives markets.

FIA operates offices in Brussels, London, Singapore and Washington D.C.