Financial Aid Policy for CLE Course Events

For FIA-sponsored events for which CLE credit is offered, the following policies apply:

  1. Where the session offering CLE credit is part of a large conference, FIA will provide a discount admission ticket for attorneys earning less than $40,000 per year. This discount will be 25% of the full admission price so that the attorney may attend the individual session offering CLE credit, as well as participate in other parts of the conference. If the individual session is offered separately, however, the 25% discount will apply only to that session. In addition, unemployed attorneys (and not solo practitioners) may attend the conference, including the session providing CLE credit, at a discount of 50% of the full admission price.
  2. Where the entire FIA-sponsored event is aimed at attorneys to provide CLE credit (e.g., FIA’s luncheon seminars and FIA Law & Compliance Workshop) and the registration cost is financially burdensome for certain attorneys who wish to attend, then FIA will provide a 50% discount for attorneys earning less than $40,000 per year.
  3. FIA offers special rates for law students and government lawyers. To apply for financial aid, please contact Allison Lurton, FIA Senior Vice President and General Counsel, at 202-466-5460 for consideration.

FIA retains the right to request the previous year’s tax return or other proof of financial need.

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