Todd E. Petzel

FIA Futures Hall of Fame 2013

Todd E. Petzel
Todd E. Petzel

Todd Petzel’s long career in the financial markets has been distinguished by his exceptional ability to combine a deep knowledge of economics with a practitioner’s understanding of markets and investment strategy. He served as a public director for FIA from 1996 to 2012, helping guide the board and staff on a wide range of decisions with his unique perspective.

Originally a professor of economics, he began his career in the futures industry as Chief Economist at the Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa Exchange in New York and then at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He then moved to Commonfund, an investment manager for endowments and foundations, where he chaired the internal investment group responsible for the structure and strategy of assets under management. He is currently Chief Investment Officer of Offit Capital Advisors. Prior to joining Offit Capital he was a Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Azimuth Asset Management, a New York-based fund of hedge funds.

Most recently, as a Public Director on the board of National Futures Association, he has led the way in developing meaningful improvements to customer protections. He has written extensively on finance and markets as editor-in-chief of Derivatives Quarterly (1994-2001) and as the author of Financial Futures and Options: A Guide to Markets, Applications, and Strategies (1989).

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