Timothy J. Doar

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Timothy J. Doar
Timothy J. Doar

Timothy Doar retired as managing director and chief risk officer of CME Group’s clearinghouse division in 2014, having held managing director responsibilities for 10 years overseeing CME Clearing’s exposure to counterparty risk as well as its financial safeguards and risk management approach.

As clearing services were developed for new markets, Doar was responsible for developing the corresponding rules, clearing standards, and risk management framework. His responsibilities also included monitoring market volatility, setting performance bond requirements and negotiating cross margin programs.

Doar was additionally appointed chief risk officer in April 2012 with responsibility for assuring clearinghouse risk management standards complied with emerging regulatory standards, including those consistent with CME’s designation as a Systemically Important Financial Market Utility by the Financial Stability Oversight Council in July 2012.

Doar was previously responsible for the operational project to establish the provision of clearing services for the Chicago Board of Trade, which was fully implemented in January 2004, and for the integration of NYMEX and COMEX into CME Clearing’s systems and financial safeguards in 2009. In his prior role as director, financial management, Doar was responsible for overseeing CME Clearing’s collateral program development, bank and custodian relationship management, delivery fulfillment and aspects of counterparty risk evaluation and risk assessment.

Doar initially joined CME Clearing in 1978, leaving in 1982 as clearinghouse supervisor. From 1982 to 1992, he ran back-office operations for a succession of clearing firm FCMs, and ultimately traded on the CME trading floor as a local.

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