Magnus Böcker

FIA Futures Hall of Fame 2019

Magnus Böcker’s career in the financial industry spanned three decades. He was CEO of the Singapore Exchange between 2009 and 2015, and prior to that he was president of Nasdaq OMX.

Böcker played an instrumental role in the creation of Nordic exchange and technology group OMX, serving as its CEO starting in 2003 and facilitating its 2008 merger with Nasdaq. Under his leadership, OMX became the world’s largest provider of technology solutions for exchanges and clearing organizations.

Following his career in the exchange industry, Böcker started Blibros, an investment company based in Singapore and Stockholm that focused on technology companies.

At the time of his death in July 2017, Böcker was serving as honorary chairman of the Securities Investors Association of Singapore. He also acted as a senior advisor to Bain & Co. in relation to financial markets, exchanges and fintech.

During his career, Böcker held many other notable positions such as chairman of the board at Orc Group, chairman of Dustin, chairman of the Diversity Action Committee of Singapore, non-executive chairman of Tricor Holdings, board member of the Shanghai International Financial Advisory Council and council member of the Institute of Banking and Finance in Singapore.

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