James F. Heinz, Jr.

FIA Hall of Fame 2024

James F. Heinz, Jr.
James F. Heinz, Jr.

James Heinz, Jr. is a co-founding partner of Marquette Partners, an international liquidity provider specializing in exchange-traded derivatives. With a career spanning four decades, Heinz has left a significant mark on the futures market. 

His journey in the futures market began in 1978 when he became one of the original T-bond permit holders at the Chicago Board of Trade. By 1981, he had become a full CBOT member, and in 1984, he achieved the status of a clearing member.

He also started experimenting with technology, using Apple IIe computers in 1984 for data analysis to enhance market opportunity research, particularly in relative value trading. This small step was the beginning of his journey in integrating technology with traditional trading at Marquette. 

From 1986 to 1990, Heinz played a crucial role as a market maker during CBOT's night trading session, aligning with the Asian market open. This period highlighted the potential synergy between technology and open outcry markets, establishing him as an innovative leader. He was assigned by CBOT to promote their night Treasury futures session in Japan. 

In 1990, Heinz and his college friend Robert Moore co-founded Marquette Partners. Initially a small arbitrage desk in Chicago, it rapidly expanded into a global liquidity provider with a multifaceted trading style with offices in major cities including London, Paris, Frankfurt, and Milan. 

Heinz has served on various industry boards and committees throughout his career, including the CFTC Technology Advisory Committee and the CBOT and Eurex Working Committees.

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