Margin Breaches

This visualization shows data on margin breaches, which happen when intraday price movements cause the actual marked-to-market exposure in the account of a clearinghouse member to exceed the initial margin held against that member account.  For each clearinghouse in this visualization, the amount shown represents the peak exposure in each clearing service over the previous 12 months, as reported in field 6.5.4 of the quarterly public quantitative disclosures. Peak exposure represents the maximum margin breach in any single member account over that time period. 

IM Combined
IM Service Level
DF Combined
DF Service Level
Margin Breaches
Stress Loss

Functionality: use the "Select Report Quarter" to access historical data. To narrow down the list of CCP clearing services included in the visualization, unclick the boxes next to the names of the clearing services.

    Peak Margin Breach in Trailing 12 Months
    PQD Field 6.5.4


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