FIA Disaster Recovery Exercise 

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An annual FIA-led event to test business continuity and both front-office and back-office connectivity across the global cleared derivatives industry. 

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Disaster Recovery Exercise

What is the exercise: Beginning in 2004, the annual FIA Disaster Recovery Exercise has been conducted to test primary and back-up site communications to and from derivatives exchanges and clearinghouses, that is, both front- and back-office, and to verify round-trip connectivity and process recovery.

Why it matters: Business continuity testing is crucial to helping derivatives firms prepare unplanned market disruptions. However, conducting discrete tests of individual markets can be challenging and time consuming for organizations.  FIA's annual event coordinates dozens of disaster recovery and business continuity teams across the cleared derivatives ecosystem, helping firms test their systems efficiently and effectively over just a single day.  

Who is it for: Past participation has included market participants from around the globe including exchanges, regulators, clearinghouses, FCMs, service providers, executing brokers and software vendors. Every firm involved in the global cleared derivatives industry that wants to test its business continuity plan is welcome to participate, even those that are not yet FIA members. 

When it takes place: Registration for each year's test opens in June, with pre-testing around the end of September and the FIA Disaster Recovery Test taking place at the end of October.  For more information or inquiries about participation, contact Steve Proctor at

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Join us on October 14

Join us for the 2023 FIA Disaster Recovery Exercise on 14 October,