Higher capital requirements for banking organizations have significant impacts on the ability of banks to provide clearing services for their customers. We are working with regulators to promote risk-reducing effects of clearing while at the same time, preserve a strong and diverse community of clearing firms.

  • FIA releases report on derivatives industry trends

    The 14-page report, Derivatives Market Structure 2024: Focusing on Capital and Workflow Efficiency, provides a unique perspective into the key drivers for the global clearing business. The report is based on findings from research of market participants conducted jointly by FIA and Coalition Greenwich, a provider of strategic benchmarking, analytics and insights to the financial services industry.

  • FIA gives remarks on bank capital proposals at CFTC meeting

    Wide range of end-users and financial market utilities voice concerns

  • CFTC EEMAC meeting focuses on US bank capital rules 

    The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission's Energy and Environmental Markets Advisory Committee (EEMAC) held a meeting on 13 February to discuss proposed increases in US bank capital requirements and the implications for and impact on derivatives markets.  

  • FIA and ISDA recommend changes to Singapore’s capital framework for clearinghouses

    On January 22, FIA and ISDA jointly responded to a consultation from the Monetary Authority of Singapore on proposed amendments to the capital framework for approved exchanges and approved clearinghouses.