FIA Volume Report - global futures and options volume rose 2.1% to 21.64 billion in 2013

10 March 2014

FIA today released its annual report on global trends in the trading of futures and options. According to statistics gathered by FIA from 84 exchanges worldwide, 21.64 billion futures and options contracts were traded in 2013, an increase of 2.1% from the previous year, but still well below the number of contracts traded in 2011 and 2010.

Futures trading accounted for 12.22 billion contracts, just over 56% of total industry volume. Trading of options accounted for the other 44%. By category, contracts based on equity indices and individual stocks accounted for 11.77 billion, 54% of total volume. Interest rate futures and options accounted for 3.33 billion, 15% of total volume.

The trends in North America and Asia-Pacific moved in opposite directions. Exchanges in North America reported 7.9 billion contracts traded in 2013, up 9.9% from the previous year. Exchanges in Asia-Pacific reported 7.29 billion contracts, down 3.1% from the previous year.

CME Group continued to rank as the world’s largest derivatives exchange by volume, with 3.16 billion contracts traded in 2013, up 9.2% from the previous year. IntercontinentalExchange jumped to the second position following its acquisition of NYSE Euronext and its subsidiary exchanges in Europe and the U.S. On a combined basis, ICE’s volume reached 2.81 billion futures and options, up 14.7% from the previous year.

This year’s report includes tables showing the top 30 derivatives exchanges ranked by volume, the top 20 contracts across six categories, and breakdowns of global volume by region and by category. This year’s report also includes a special feature showing the futures and options that have had the greatest increase in volume over the last five years. The full report is available here

FIA collects volume and open interest statistics from 84 exchanges on a monthly basis. The statistics are provided by the exchanges on a voluntary basis and are subject to revision by the exchanges. FIA does not audit the exchanges and does not guarantee that the statistics are accurate. Volume is measured by the number of contracts traded on a round-trip basis to avoid double-counting. Some exchanges provide facilities for processing and clearing offexchange transactions. FIA statistics include these types of transactions where reported by the exchanges.

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